koob the kabob factory

Since hubby's been working in Mission for the past year, I have often been jealous of the places he is able to frequent so easily for lunch. There are so many great restaurants on 4th Street and I was happy to finally try out Koob, a place he frequents often.

Koob serves up meat kabobs in a pita, topped with fresh veggies and sauces. The delish 'Koobwich' is generously filled and then grilled.The owners and the staff at Koob are super friendly and the service was great.

You get a choice of meat (chicken, beef or lamb) or you can go veggie if you wish. The meat is grilled on an open flame while you choose the toppings for your pita. I think I had the whole lot with fresh veggies such as basil tomatoes and sumac onions.

These veggies are then topped with sauces of your choice, many of them made in-house. With the large variety they had, it was hard to choose. I settled on the Koob aioli and the garlic. Both were excellent choices.

My choice of lamb was a great one. The meat was well seasoned and was delicious. Q's new favourite thing is lamb and he definitely approved. Healthy and tasty - next time I'm stuck for dinner, I know what I'll be asking hubby to bring home.

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