otto (las vegas)

Mention Mario to most kids, the Mario brothers immediately come to mind. Mention Mario to my 4 year old, and he talks about the chef that he sees on tv. I love this kid!

While spending some time at the Venetian on our recent trip to Vegas, we saw one of Mario Batali's restaurants, Otto, and thought it was the perfect place to grab a bite after our indoor gondola ride.  We took a seat "outdoors" and enjoyed the painted sky ceiling while enjoying the entertainment in St. Mark's Square.

While we were checking out the menu, Q asked one of the waiters, "Where's Mario?". We discovered we had missed him by a week!  Bread and breadsticks were brought to the table and they happily obliged when we asked for some oil and vinegar.

As a starter, we tried the Ricotta Fritters.  These were morsels of fried goodness!  Ricotta cheese and red pepper balls rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  The cheese oozed out as we took a bite. Definitely a huge hit with all of us.

We also ordered a couple of entrees - the Grilled Tuna and the Maccherona. Both dishes were great and super tasty. The tuna was cooked to perfection and served with a sicilian pesto.  I really loved this version of pesto and couldn't get enough of it.  Red in colour, it was made with tomatoes, almonds and garlic. So good! The pasta dish was great as well. With roasted peppers and chilis, it was cooked perfectly.

The dessert menu looked great but sadly we were so stuffed, there was just no room.  Definitely a great meal!

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