happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad!!

We celebrated my dad's birthday this past weekend with a surprise party.  We had it at a local indian restaurant and, although they forgot about our party, we managed to get sorted and seated before my dad showed up.  Knowing that my dad hates surprises or any sort of attention, he didn't expect us to celebrate the big 4-9 (wink wink).  He had absolutely no clue but was happy to celebrate with his family.

The coconut cake with nutella was such a hit a few days back, I had to make the same for my dad.  Two layers of coconut cake with a generous layer of nutella holding the layers together.  This was topped with a cream cheese frosting and chocolate.  I got the idea of the maltesers from Alison who had made cupcakes topped with maltesers for the Food Blogger Bake Sale.  The idea of the chocolate fingers came from Pinterest.  It was a fun and easy cake to decorate and everyone enjoyed it.