jessica's restaurant in chestermere

Beef, coated in batter, deep fried and tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce...yum!  Ginger beef is one of my favorite dishes and a must have at least once a month (or twice!).  Luckily, Chestermere has a fabulous restaurant that serves great ginger beef to satisfy me every time I get a craving.  The restaurant is located in the plaza just behind the car wash.  Usually, we get their dinner for 2 - soup, spring rolls, chicken fried rice, chicken with mixed vegetables and ginger beef.  Their portions are generous, and we always have left overs.  The staff at Jessica's are very accomodating. When I have my son with me, they are happy to deliver the food to my car so I don't have to take him out of his car seat - how sweet is that!  If you live in the city, Jessica's has a second location in Temple.

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